Monday, 31 December 2012

Recent Purchases Haul

Head's up: this is gonna be quite picture heavy!
I've been doing quite a bit of purchasing here and there for various things. Mainly because of all the awesome deals on at the moment, plus I've been buying things for my giveaway! You'll see a couple of the pieces in these pictures. It's not going to be massive, it's just a few bits that I really like and wanted to pass on to one of my lovely followers. Hopefully I'll have that up today or tomorrow so everyone can enter then.
First up:

Masses of beauty booty.

1. Yankee Sampler Candles  
Wild Passion Fruit  
 Pink Dragon Fruit
My very first Yankee candles! I went into Clintons with the intention of having a look at the 50% off Christmas candles but the shelves had been raided and nothing there took my fancy. I started circling the stand and spotted these babies. I love fresh fruity scents and these are utterly divine. I'm going to try and keep them for Spring/Summer and use up the more Wintery themed candles I have in the mean time. Wish me luck.

2. Kiss Me Quick Nice Ice Lip Balm Set
I actually got these as part of my Secret Santa but I think they're so adorable I just wanted to show them off! I'll do a more detailed post on them soon because they're really lovely.

3. MUA
Lip Boom in It's A Situation
Undressed Palette*
The Artiste Collection Palette*
Eye Liner Pencil in Snow White
Have you seen the colour of It's A Situation?! Stunning deep plum. I'm not a massive fan of glittery lipglosses but I'll try it nonetheless. The palettes are for you lovely people! I love my Undressed Palette and the Artiste Collection came free with it so I thought I'd pass on the love. 

4. Collection
Lock 'n' Hold Lip Gloss in Break Dance
24hr Felt Liner in Teal
Bedazzled Nail Effects in Tea at the Glitz*

5. Maybelline
Master Smokey Eye Liner in Smokey Violet
I've read a lot of negative reviews about the product but I don't know what it is... I just wanted it so bad! Luckily the girl working in Superdrug offered me this one for just £1 because it was missing the lid on the smudger. For a £5 saving, I didn't really mind and snapped this up with minimal thought!

6. Soap and Glory
Arch de Triumph in Buff
I b*tch about my brows constantly and never do anything about it. UNTIL NOW! Here's hoping this will give me the definition my heart desires.

7. James Brown
Photo Fabulous High Shine Spray

8. The Body Shop Body Butter
Vineyard Peach
(just seen since I missed them out of my big picture) I used up my 50ml of the Satsuma so fast I had to get another one! Also, if you like the Peach, get it now whilst it's on half price. It's sadly being discontinued since it was only a limited edition scent.

9. Nivea Extreme Resist Glossy
Joli Cherry
Radiant Plum
Pretty Berry
Bright Rose
I know. I went and bought the whole collection! I adore these Poundland bargain gems and was thinking of including a couple in the giveaway, providing they're in stock still. If they are, which colours would you most like? Or do you want them all?

10. Revlon
Lip Butters in:
Raspberry Pie
Peach Parfait 
Berry Smoothie
Balm Stains in:
Nail Varnish in:
It's the big one. I've gone Revlon crazy recently because they're all on offer and there's so many products I wanted! I got sequins for free with a 3 for 2 offer and then I went back again and the lip butters were £5 each so I bought 3 more. I'm utterly thrilled with these. Here's some close ups to wet your whistle:

Next up is the Soap and Glory Best of All. Everyone and their dog knows about how amazing these are. Particularly when you get them for £27!

Heel Genius, Clean On Me, Smoothie Star (my new favourite, it smells like sweet popcorn!) Peach and Clean, Sugar Crush Body Scrub, The Righteous Butter* Hand Food* Thick and Fast Mascara, Sexy Mother Pucker in Punchbowl. All full size, all fabulous.

And finally something a little bit different...

I was lucky enough to receive a Waterstones voucher for Christmas so I put it towards these gorgeous specimens. There's quite a bit of variety here and I'm tempted to start doing the occasional book review in 2013 for a bit of variety. Plus I love hearing about books that other people love and can talk for hours about my favourites. And besides, everyone know that smart girls equal sexy girls and girls reading equals smart girls. It's basic beauty math.

So that's my mahoosive beauty booty recent purchases. I hope you liked it! It took me blimmin' ages. Sorry about the bizarre lighting changes. It's so dark that I had to use flash for some pictures.

If there's anything particular you want reviewing quickly, leave me a comment.
Let me know if you'd like any Nivea Extreme Resist Glossy's in my giveaway!
* indicates that it's going to be in the giveaway


  1. I love the packaging the revlon butters come in, i need me some of those!

    1. aren't they gorgeous?! I can't wait to try them :) x

  2. I really need to see the review of S&G eyebrow pencil. I have been looking for a new eyebrow thing for ages but I have no idea what to get.

    Lovely haul by the way. Love all the Revlon stuff. I need to go out and get more Peach body butter before they are all gone!


    1. Sure thing! :) I'll get it up within the next week.
      I had a bit of a binge I must admit. It was all £5 each though! so not too bad haha x

  3. Wowza! You got loads of great stuff!

    I got the big Soap and Glory kit for Christmas, it's amazing!

    Kimberley x

    1. I love love love the moisturising lotion and hand food :) smells amazing and they work so good. Such amazing value!
      following your blog, I've been really tempted with the S&G gloss sticks so I'm so grateful for your review! x

  4. I love the Revlon lip butters, I also got Never Let Me Go for Christmas and can't wait to read it x

    1. I saw the film a little while ago and I was a bit disappointed with it! The books are always better so I'm super excited to get into it :D you'll have to book club it with me and tell me what you think x

  5. woww youve got loads of great stuff here. Im literally picking out everything from your photos that i need in my life! Would love to see a review of the Soap & Glory brow crayon! I always pick it up but never buy it..
    OO i love Vineyard peach! its my absoloute fave..i could actually eat it out of the tub haha

    & the lip butters are amazing - i definitely need to pick up Raspberry Pie - its been on my wishlist for agesss! x

    1. haha! I did go a bit mad recently. All totally necessary of course! sure thing, it'll be up soon (: the peach is soooo nice! I have the matching shower gel too, it just smells so dreamy... ahh :)

      Raspberry Pie was my favourite too! It was the first one I picked up and then I went back for more haha x

    2. omg I just realised who you are. :| haha I adore your blog! I'm gonna have a wee fangirl moment. x

  6. wow you know how to shop! such great items!

    1. haha, thank you! I was having a total pre-work loss binge. x