Sunday, 2 December 2012

£5 and Under Christmas Gifts


I'm not sure if any one has noticed the stark absence of Christmas themed posts on my blog, but I certainly have. The reason for this is that this is the first time I've really sat down and thought hard about Christmas presents. This is a rather packed 7 day period for me as I have my long-suffering boyfriends birthday on 28th November, my father's birthday on 3rd December and my anniversary (4 years! eep) on the 4th December. So, finally, now I know that everything has been done and sorted for those, I can have a good old trawl through the internet and pick out some presents! 

1. A Book. The picture and link here are representative. 
I honestly believe that giving a book as a gift is more than just giving a present. You are handing someone the gift of an experience. A book is one of the most amazing things that you can possibly give to someone. I chose Life of Pi because it is an experience that I loved. Truly loved. I read this last year and I still think about it, particularly since the film adaptation is soon to be released (who's excited?!) You can always find books cheaply, you just have to have a good shop around. No, you are not going to walk out of Waterstones with a bestseller for £3, it's a sad fact, but it's true. I actually found my copy of Life of Pi in a charity shop for £1.50 and I love that it has signs of wear on it. It's a book that has clearly been loved. Pass on your favourite this Christmas, and talk about it excitedly in January!

2. Glass Bauble Shaped Candle Holder £2.99
I love candles and I think that this holder is Christmassy enough to classed as "themed" but simple and clean and elegant enough to use all year round. It's a serious bargain that leaves you with change from your fiver to buy some tea lights!

3. Soap and Glory Mini's £2.50 each currently on a 3 for 2 deal
Who doesn't love Soap and Glory? I've tried all of the products that I chose and they are all of fantastic quality and smell amazing. Get them whilst they're on offer!

4. The Body Shop Mini's Currently on a 5 for £5 deal
I've tried most of the products included and as always with The Body Shop, they are really wonderful products. If you've been reading my blog for more than five minutes you know I'm a total Body Shop fangirl. I would be thrilled to receive a cute mix bag of mini's!

5. MUA Eyeshadow Palette £4
Featured here is the Undressed Palette, currently the only one I own. Everybody and their mother knows about these bargain gems. They make perfect stocking fillers and there's a good range to choose from. Ideal for any beauty loving girl.

6. The Body Shop Mini Manicure Kit £5
A super cute Christmas themed manicure kit to get your nails perfect and polish-ready. I love the classy packaging on this and a need some new nail scissors... hint hint Santa. 

7. M&S Beauty Gifts at 50% off. 
Shown here: Alice + Eliza Winter Berry Lip Balm £1.25 Alice +Eliza Nail Polish Giftset £3
I've linked to the whole lot that they have available at the moment. There are also some men's toiletries available. I've never actually tried anything from Alice + Eliza but I really loved the packaging and colours available in these two products and thought they would be great bought together. Take a peek whilst they're on offer!

I hope you liked my idea and got a bit of festive inspiration! I'd love to see some similar gift lists so feel free to leave links.

Will you be taking advantage of any of these offers this year?



  1. Love the stuff you've picked out. I really need to try some body shop shower gels.

    1. Thank you :) I'm in love with their ginger products at the moment, highly recommended. X

  2. All of these look amazing! I think my Mum would kill me if I added more items to her Christmas list for me! I really want to try the Snow Fairy though :)

    Laura x

    1. Awwh! Bless her. These are good for secret Santa and friends though :) maybe you should drop some hints ;) you mean the lush one? I'd love to try that, I've never had any lush products before x

  3. So true what you wrote about books. They can really stick with you. I'd love to receive some books this year. They are things you will treasure forever. Charity shops are awesome for books. I picked up the hunger games for a pound! xxx

    1. Absolutely :) I live with a book snob who always buys his books brand new and freaks out beyond belief when the spines crease (completely gay, if that wasn't obvious) I have to beg him to let me borrow his books and even then he keeps 1984 style surveillance on me. Luckily I did get to read his Hunger Games books, which were awesome.