Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Melt Candle in Joy

I love scented candles and usually try to keep a few around the house for relaxing evenings. Since my life has been turned upside down this month I've really been craving one of those nights! Starting a new job and moving home are so ridiculously stressful and doing both at the same time have left me with zero down time. Luckily I was sent a gorgeous handmade scented candle from Melt* and finally now have the time to tell you all about it!

I really love the modern monochromatic packaging. It goes with everything and lends an elegance to the candle. The pattern even matches my current quilt cover which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise! I also love that it comes in a box - many candles don't. It's a bit shallow but I appreciate the "high end" feel I get from boxed items. For me personally, a huge plus of Melt candles is that they're handmade in England. This means that we get to support our economy and reduce the harm done to the environment that's caused by importing which makes me feel a little bit better about spoiling myself!

Joy is described as "A sparkling citrus floral on a complex woody and musk base, over a rich, floral heart of iris, rose and lily" which is pretty accurate! I mostly picked up on the rose and wood scents which are some of my favourites. I actually have Lancome's Midnight Rose perfume which is a similar sort of fragrance with the addition of blackcurrant so it's definitely a winner for me. This size of tumbler will burn for up to 25 hours and the fragrance really fills up a room. Besides the gorgeous fragrance, my favourite thing about this candle is how evenly it burns. The entire width of the candle melts which means nothing is wasted. One of the worst things about larger candles is how they can leave such an enormous amount of wax around the edge. It feels like such a waste having to cut it down!

This size candle will set you back £21 which to be honest, I don't think is too bad. Other brands charge a lot more for very similar products and I think the quality and longevity of this one makes it worth it. I would definitely be up for trying another of the 30 scents. I currently have my eye on Violet and Black Pepper! Perhaps a cheeky first pay day treat.

Final Verdict: A beautifully scented candle handmade in England. Definitely worth a try if you love brands like Neom and Jo Malone.

Have you tried any of Melts candles? Which fragrance should I try next?



  1. This sounds so lovely :) x

  2. You make it sound lovely Lauren!! Sadly I just can't afford candles that are more than $10 (ahhhh the luxury of having something more expensive!!) but hopefully someday I'll be able to decorate my apartment so lavishly ;)


  3. These sound gorgeous, I love candles £21 is pricey but if it smells really good then its totally worth it!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  4. This sounds so lovely and I love the baroque pattern on the back, it would match my room! :)