Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Orange Nail Varnish Collection and Swatches

Orange is one of my all time favourite colours. It always perks me up to have a pop of orange in my look and nail varnishes are ideal for this. I think orange is one of the most lively and positive colours there is and I find myself picking up cosmetics in this shade far more often than I'm willing to admit! As I was packing away some of my things for my upcoming move (nothing dramatic, just going back to Grandma's before University so we can help each other out) I started idly scanning my polishes and a few really stuck out to me. So here are my five favourite orange nail varnishes!

From Thumb to Pinky: Models Own Fluro Orange, Nails Inc Porchester Place, Essie Fear or Desire, Rimmel Tangy Tangerine, W7 Pastel 16

Fluro Orange is ridiculously bright, no camera on earth could capture it's insane beauty. I didn't keep this bizarre (but kinda cool right? No? Just me then...) mani on for long but it's definitely the one that I couldn't keep my eyes off. If you're after some seriously attention grabbing talons I can't recommend this enough. It has a semi-matte finish but you could easily add a glossy top coat for a little more finesse. Porchester Place and Fear or Desire are fairly similar but Porchester Place has a touch more pink and is a little more muted. Both perfect for holiday toes! Tangy Tangerine is a classic apricot and was my boyfriends favourite of the lot for some reason. When I first asked his opinion he replied that they were all the same (my jaw nearly hit the floor at his blindness) but when pressed he claimed that Rimmel's offering was "more subtle and pretty."  I have to agree, it's a great transitional shade for Spring/Summer and won't offend your poor blind boyfriend. W7 is such a pain in the bum to effectively track down but I do so love them! I got a ten pack of pastels from TK Maxx and this is one of my favourites. Very delicate and cool and gorgeous with a tan.

I really hoped you like this! I have a real soft spot for colour-themed collections and adore seeing them on blogs so I couldn't resist! I think I may go for pink lip products next time. What do you think?

Which is your favourite shade? Any others that I have to try?



  1. I love Orange on my nails. If you're looking for more shades to try I'd really recommend Tart Deco by Essie :) xx

  2. i love the essie one looks gorgeous xpxpx

  3. Aaah, they're all so gorgeous! Orange and peachy shades are definitely some of my favourites too, the Nails Inc. one I especially love. xo

  4. Models own looks amazing, such a bright summer colour!
    PS Blogger, Beauty Addict!

  5. I love color themed posts as well!! I had a lovely one (if I do say so myself haha) all ready to go on my nude lipsticks and then my harddrive crashed so I lost the photos and lip swatches and everything; what a pain and sad sad thing!!! But this really isn't about me right now it's about these polishes of yours! :D So lovely, all of them; I especially love that Fluro Orange!! I love neons on the nails for summer and adore orange in general so this post was right up my alley <3 Thanks for the reviews Lauren!!


  6. I like Essie one. I have pretty much same situation, but blue varnishes xD

  7. I think my favourite here is the Nails Inc one. My favourite orange nail polish is one by Avon although the name is orange creamsicle. Creamsicle, that's a horrible word! x

  8. Just checked my own collection. I have a few orange nail polishes too. Never realised I was a fan of orange :) Gonna wear more of it!x