Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Make-Up Wishlist: Nude Eyes and Bright Lips

I really have my head in the clouds if I think that I'll be able to afford any of this for this month but isn't that what wishes are for?! Recently I've been wearing a lot of neutral shadows and bright lipsticks. I've completely ditched my signature liquid liner flick for a much more subtle, sculpted look and I'm loving it for Summer. I've even started some gentle contouring with bronzer and I'm feeling so much more confident with my beauty choices these days. The bright lips are turning a lot of heads in my small town but I'm putting it down to the classic "jealousy-gawk." As such, I think it's high time to get some higher quality shadows as "investment" pieces (wink) and throw some even more fun lipsticks into my collection!

1. Maybelline Vivid Lipstick Hot Plum, 2. Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes Ever, 3. Lime Crime My Beautiful Rocket, 4. Stila In The Light, 5. Lime Crime Velvetine, 6. Urban Decay Naked Basics

See? Gorgeous. Am I right or am I right? 
1. I have been declaring my unending love for Maybelline's Color Sensational Vivids for a while now and already have 3 (review and swatches here) but Hot Plum is calling my name. I originally deemed it too close in colour to Fuchsia Flash to warrant a purchase but I'm officially retracting the statement, I want! Being the cheapest product in my list it's possible I'll be able to smuggle this one into my collection... I'll keep you posted. 
2. I had Benefits Most Glamorous Nudes in my clutches in Cambridge after I had scrimped and saved my Boots points for MONTHS and what do you know, the tills weren't working and I couldn't spend my points. I reluctantly handed my beloved palette back to the grumpy assistant and never saw it again. My lust hasn't subsided and I'm determined to get it one day!
3. Lime Crime is the stuff of my dreams. I adore oranges and My Beautiful Rocket is perfection in a tube. I have a similar shade from Models Own but I imagine the pigmentation and lasting power of this is infinitely superior. One please!
4. The In The Light palette is so friggin' pretty! I love the colours and the swatches I've seen have been incredible. I'm also really excited about the liner included as I've been searching for the perfect brown liner for a while and I love this deep chestnut shade.
5. Lime Crime makes an impressive second appearance with it's beautiful Velvetines. I've heard tell that there will be some new colours in the future and I can't wait to see them! Frankly I'd take any of them; it's the stunning rose petal texture that has me clamouring for my purse and I think these are the epitome of old Hollywood Glamour.
6. Last but far from least. Velvety smooth and richly pigmented, the much loved Basics have been at the top of my list for way too long and it's high time I took them home. One day, I promise you Naked Basics, one day.

Has your wishlist just grown? I would love to hear any comments about the products shown if you've tried them!



  1. ah I really want the basics palette too, it looks so good and I haven't tried an urban decay palette yet :')xx

  2. The Benefit palette is so nice, you won't regret it! :) xx

  3. I have that Benefit Palette, and the peachy shade is really beautiful! However, I find I use the 'easiest' version a lot more! Maybe it's just me, but you should check that one out, too!

  4. I love my neutral shadows, but the benefit palette is definitely something I need to get hold of! you just can't have enough nudes! xx

  5. I have the Maybelline - Hot Plum and it is stunning. Also, try for cheap Lime Crime hun xx

  6. Really like the look of hot plum, it looks lovely!

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