Sunday, 9 June 2013

Daily Make Up/How Much Is My Face Worth?

For the longest time my daily make up was literally just a flick of liquid liner and some mascara but frankly, that wasn't cutting it. I've since upgraded into a full face of make up and love the freedom I have over my look. These are the products that I use pretty much every day for work etc. I don't bother with make up if I'm just nipping out shopping or slumming it around the house so I can give my skin a break.

My base hasn't changed in quite a while. I currently use The Body Shop Moisture Foundation in 03, Lightening Touch Concealer in 01 and All-in-One Face Base in 03. The colour match is essentially perfect for me and I love the included SPF. Check out this post for extra details! Sleek's Face Form (Light) is the most recent addition to my daily make up bag and it's revolutionised my base. I love how transformative it is! I have so much more warmth and definition to my face now and feel much more confident. I tend to always use the contouring powder and highlighter but swap up my blush depending on my mood. For blushes I switch between the blush included (Rose Gold,) TBS Macaroon Blush and Maybelline's Cream Blush in 06 Berry.

I always use some combination of my MUA Undressed Palette, Rimmel Liquid Liner and Illamasqua Sophie pencil for my eyes. As you can see I use every colour in the palette and never wear the same look twice in a row just to make myself experiment more. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut (coming from liner flick and mascara girl, so trust me!) so I love my new philosophy. I don't always wear liner but when I do these are my go to products. The Rimmel liquid is so easy to use and this is my second bottle already, forever repurchase! The Sophie pencil is the blackest of blacks and is really soft and blendable but doesn't smudge when it sets. Pretty much perfection in a pencil. Deborah Milano Mascara is an essential for me; I originally got it  for reviewing purposes but I adore it so it became my daily mascara. I get a ton of volume and length with a couple of coats and it's the perfect finishing touch to every look for me.

For day to day, I just wear a clear balm or lip butter to keep my lips in good condition. That way they're looking gorgeous and smooth for when I go all out with a fabulous bright lip in the evenings. I swear by Nivea Lip Butter for the most kissable lips going!

So how much is my face worth?

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation SPF 15
The Body Shop Lightening Touch Concealer Pen
The Body Shop All-in-One Face Base
Sleek Face Form in Light

Mua Undressed Palette
Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner in Black
Illamasqua S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil
Deborah Milano 24 Ore Absolute Volume Mascara

Nivea Lip Butter (Not Pictured)

Total: £83.78

I so was not expecting it to be that high! I didn't include any of my brushes or moisturiser so that's pretty shocking. I don't even use any high end products aside from the Illamasqua pencil. I guess my only defence is that I've seen worse...? Not very good defence!

Do you use any of the same products as me? What do you think of my philosophy of never wearing the same eye make up twice in a row? And how much is your face worth?! Add it up and let me know!



  1. I really need that sleek set but I can't find it anywhere! It looks so so good!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  2. I so want this MUA palette since I heard it's similar to Urban Decay one! I really need to try it :) I'm using the Sleek kii but the one without the blush and it's really really good, I love it!

  3. I did this as well - I was very shocked!

  4. Wow, I didn't expect that to add up to so much, it's really got me thinking about how much my face is worth too! :) Guess I justify it by telling myself I buy it all separately so don't notice the cost.. ;-)

    Great post and idea.

    Lyndsay xx

  5. So lucky you live in the UK where you can buy Sleek so easily :(

  6. I love the undressed palette! x

  7. I wonder what mine will be, I change up products so often though. Maybe I should try this some time.

  8. I have done this ages ago when I first started out and well...I'm a little bit afraid of what it could turn out to be. Considering I have started to wear a more high end make up now as well. D:

    Kah-Feh Yen

  9. I can never do this or I will go mad with how much I spend on skincare :x

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  10. The Sleek contouring palette is super lovely - I purchased it in Light and the blush is so pretty.

  11. I wouldn't want to add mine's scary, but they're all little bits of affordable luxury! lol! xo

  12. wow, im defo gonna do this post, thanks for the idea xoxox

  13. I did this post so long ago and was so sad to see the high total ahaha. Yours really isn't that bad Lauren, trust me!! I'm definitely guilty of doing the same look over and over again though on my eyes... I'm all for experimenting but when something works I tend to stick with it because I hate thinking in the morning lol.


  14. I don't even want to know how much my face costs, lol. I only use a couple high-end products, but I layer different things, and pull from about ten different palettes each day for eyeshadow, so...

  15. I don't even want to know how much my face costs, lol. I only use a couple high-end products, but I layer different things, and pull from about ten different palettes each day for eyeshadow, so...

  16. Im a newbie to your blog and just want to say you look gorge and your blog design is fab too. I bought the face form quite recently, but I'm having trouble knowing how to apply correctly as I end up looking like iv got some mud on my cheeks. How do you apply it?

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I apply my contour using the real techniques contour brush from the face set. Just load your brush, tap off the excess and then apply in the hollows of your cheeks. I tend to "blob" it on so I don't get too much and use it for both cheeks. Then I blend in small circles so there's no visible edge with the foundation. See if that works for you and if not I'll pop up a mini tutorial :) xxx

    2. ok, just need to get hold of the contour brush then Il give it another go! thanks

  17. How much is my face worth? One pound some days (;_;) but, if I'm doing an everyday shebang its around £30 (£30.38 to be exact). Eek, I really thought mine would be less since I only use 4-5 products. Most days I have not been wearing mascara so that drops me down to a 25 - 39 (yipee).

    I like your rule. I have a MUA palette in Heaven and Earth and there's this one brown shade I just can't get enough of, while the light beige shadows have barely been touched. Its definitely something I need to change. This was an interesting post. Thanks for sharing :)!

  18. What an interesting way to look at your makeup, I'm thinking about doing this sometime although I'm not sure I would like the answer! xx

  19. it is such a pretty makeup review!! i love it!!