Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wishlist: Topshop Make-Up


Last night during the #bbloggers chat a lot of the girls started talking about Topshop since there's currently free delivery on until Saturday with the code TREATME. I've actually been eyeing up the Topshop make-up for ages and I see great reviews all the time. Sadly my local store doesn't stock it and I actually got some really awful dirty looks for asking about it. I always seem to come across the nastiest staff in Topshop. I don't know if it's in the handbook that they have to be rude to people that won't fit in Leigh jeans but frankly, it kinda pisses me off. Regardless of my personal experience, I still find myself lusting over these cute cosmetics and these are the bits that are top of my list!

1. Blush in Flush £6
A really pretty peachy pink that is so flattering for pale skintones. I adore cream blushes, probably much more so than powder blushes. I find that they give a much more natural finish and last forever since a small amount goes such a long way. I also think the price is fairly reasonable and I love the cute packaging. I wish the website would tell me how much product is in it though, it's a bit difficult to judge if it's worth the money!
2. Lip Paint in Low Down £8
Honestly, this is a bit more than I would ideally like to pay, but oh my gosh I need it! It's a fluro bright orange liquid lipstick with a glossy finish. It sounds a lot like the Rimmel Apocalips (which I quite like) but I haven't seen a colour like this in this finish anywhere else. I recently discovered that I love orange lips on myself and this would be such a Summer staple!
3. Lip Stick in Coy £7
I'm still on the look out for my perfect nude lip and this peachy colour looks like it could be the one. It claims to also be a matte finish so hopefully it would also have some lasting power. So pretty.
4. Highlighter in Sunbeam £10
A beautiful golden, powder highlighter. Undeniably, this is probably the most hyped up item from the Topshop make-up range in the blogosphere. Even Lisa Eldridge uses this. Ideally I'd prefer Crescent moon (which was even more raved about) but sadly it's no longer available. I think this will look beautiful in the Summer with a light tan!
5. Nail in Plume £6
The most beautiful iridescent purple glitter nail varnish ever! This reminds me of a more blue/gold toned version of Illamasqua's Baptiste which you can see here. Utterly gorgeous.
6. Blush in Prime Time £6
This is something that was specifically recommended by a couple of people in the chat and I can see why! It's so pretty and I think a flush of pink like this is perfect for that just-out-the-wind fabulousness that Spring demands. It's another cream blush and it's an absolute must for me!

Altogether this comes to £43 which I don't think is exorbitant but it may be just a smidge out of reach for me right this second... However, the boyfriend does get paid tomorrow so maybe he could lend a penny or two to a beauty blogger in need? I'll keep you posted and I'm sure you'll see me gushing on twitter if I manage to reach the check out!

Have you got a Topshop make up wishlist? What's at the top of it for you?



  1. I love the blushers, they are gorgeous! I never go into TopShop, I can't deal with the snooty sales people in there. I might have a look online :) x

    Laura x

    1. I know! ahh it's the first thing I lusted after :) yeah I don't understand why they always look so miserable and disapproving. I was hoping it was just the people that I'd dealt with but I keep hearing the same problems from everyone so clearly they're hiring people based on how much topshop clothing they turn up to the interview in. Not good. Please let me know if you get anything! Would love to hear your recommendations :) x

  2. I really dislike the clothes/ haughty staff in Topshop too but their makeup is excellent. I want to try all the blushers! I have a few of the lipsticks and love them all. I also have Plume and it is absolutely gorgeous! Their nail polish is all excellent quality, dries really fast and I've never had an issue with chips.
    I love the look of the Dark Knight polish and All About Me lipsticks for my collection.
    Sorry for the mini essay! xx

    1. strange isn't it? :/ me too! so many pretty colours. I was looking at dark knight too haha, it was my second want but I thought I'd keep it to six items :') I'm terrible. thats great to hear! I always read good reviews :) x

      You kidding?! I love me an essay! ;) x

  3. This is so weird! I have just created a Topshop makeup wishlist! :D
    I love their makeup! It's really nice and the packaging is great too :)
    hareem x

    1. haha! Great minds think alike ;) Looking forward to seeing your picks! :)
      I know I love how cute it is, definitely stands out.

  4. Love topshop make up! I have to say though, Coy isn't nude at all, it's more of a neon-ish light coral pink, still gorgeous though :) xo

    1. awh really? It looks like such a gorgeous peachy/pink nude in the photo! I think your description sounds even better though, definitely want it even more! thank you :) x

  5. I'd really recommend the cream blushes and the lip crayons. I have 'Flush', which is only 4g of product, but you only need the tiniest amount ever. Lip paint and sunbeam is on my wishlist too! xo

  6. Topshop lip crayons are gorgeous, I recommend! x

  7. I don't really own much Topshop makeup but I know it is supposed to be very good indeed! The online picture of Flush looks to be a little deceiving, I have it and to be honest it looks more like a vivid pink in the pan than peachy. Head over heels is supposed to be one of the most popular creme blushes (if that's any use).

    Kate x

  8. Great wishes. Want that nail polish, looks super different

  9. That nail polish looks gorgeous!

  10. Those blushers look so lovely :) I have the highligher and it's fab, it looks really gold but when you put it on it blends beautifully.

  11. I have never actually looked much at the topshop make up but i may do now :) i like that highlighter and blush is a lovely shade :)..
    Love all your posts !!

    Alex ox.

  12. Topshop make up looks fab, and the packaging is super cute too! :p Anyhoo.. Great post :) Do you do button swaps? :)

    Catriona xo

  13. There's so much I want from topshop, makeup wise. I really want to try the new peel of nail varnishes, and some lipsticks/pencils aswell. The packaging the so pretty xo