Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Star Product: The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

I tend to get really dry skin and this translates to really dry lips, especially in winter. It would get so bad that when I woke up in the morning my lips would split as soon as I opened my mouth meaning I would constantly have this cracked bleeding part in the middle of my lips. Needless to say, it was painful, frustrating and unattractive. I always used to use the Vaseline lip pots in cocoa butter or aloe vera and whilst they worked fine during the day, they just weren't enough to keep my lips hydrated throughout the night.
On one of my first trips to The Body Shop the sales assistant brought my attention to their new lip butter.

The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter £4

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about this product is that 100% of what you pay goes to charity. This is such a wonderful idea and it really does make you proud to be a part of it (even though I would happily by this again even without the charitable element!) You are also able to choose your own charity which means you can directly support something that is important to you.

I chose BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.)

Now for the actual product. First off, the packaging is super cute with the colours representing the skin of the dragon fruit. You get a nice amount of product and this stuff smells AMAZING. It is literally one of the best smelling products I have ever encountered. The product itself is very thick and cream coloured and very little is needed. I have been plowing through this for about a month now and I'm not even half way down. I literally cannot recommend this enough, it is so so effective and I use a little of it almost every day and slather it on every night. I haven't split my lip in the morning in weeks and I know it is because of this gem. Even my boyfriend has started using this at night because of how great it is.  

Have you got one? Can you recommend any other great moisturising lip products?



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    1. Thank you so much Monica :) I've only been blogging for about a week! Everyone is so nice. Following you :) x

  2. Hi Lauren

    I'm sorry to be negative about this, as your blog truly is interesting and you're very knowledgable about the application of makeup - however, I find it highly hypocritical to donate to BUAV, when Body Shop are actually now owned by L'Oreal, a company that practises animal testing. Any profits Body Shop make directly line the pockets of L'Oreal - and as such, they cannot be considered to be an option for those opposed to testing.

    I also hasten to mention that every single product you have blogged about so far are made by companies that practice animal testing, excluding only Barry M (who do not test and do not have a parent company).

  3. (Please excuse the moniker, it's an account I set up on behalf of my dog, a beagle, which is the breed used for laboratory testing)