Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bargains That Really Work: Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer

One of the really rewarding things about make-up shopping is finding a "perfect" item for you in the total-bargain section. This is what I did a couple of months ago with the Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer. I'm afraid that I literally just could not get a good photo of mine without it blurring, so here is a stock image (boo.)

£4.99 from Boots or Superdrug
Available in: Natural, Naked and Glow

First things first, I do not believe that this illuminates. I use this almost every day and it does not highlight anything on me. However, it is a fantastic concealer. I use this under my eyes, around my nostrils, on the bridge of my nose, on my chin and anywhere that needs a little bit of extra coverage. I use this in natural and it is just the perfect shade for me. It blends into my skin tone invisibly. 

I'm not wearing any make up here apart from that smudge of concealer. The picture on the right is blended out.
I've seen a few reviews of this where people say that for them this really does highlight and doesn't work as a flat concealer for them. So keep that in mind! I have also read that some people find this to be cakey and dry. I haven't experienced this myself but I do apply with a moisturising foundation and a light hand, so it's possible that I have counteracted that problem without realising it. All in all, I really do feel that if you are looking for a cheap concealer that really works, this is the product to go for. 

The only negatives I have is the small selection of shades and the lacklustre packaging. I'm fully aware that at £4.99 I can't expect the earth but I would have at least hope there would be a few more shades. If my skin had been much darker than it is this product would not be available to me which is disappointing.

Have you tried this? Do you recommend any other concealers?



  1. When my current concealer runs out, I'm straight after this!!!


    1. I love it :) perfect for lightening and brightening pigmentation issues z